Work Packages

WP1 Management Activities
This work package will ensure that governance procedures are agreed and maintained, manage the project progress according to plan and it will define risk assessment and management procedures.

WP2 Pre-Commercial Procurement Coordination Activities
This work package will fix the main technical, functional and interoperability conditions for the mobile health services selected in coordinated activities with the procurer authorities, the industry sector and clinical experts, focus on the specific Personal Health Record (PHR) in each region and the specific requirements to integrate mobile apps in the clinical pathway, and solve the specific patient ID requirements for the mobile service at regional level.

WP3 Pre-Commercial Procurement RTD Activities
This work package will install a competition environment by supplying the requirements of the needed services in a public tender.

WP4 Evaluation activities
The objectives of this work package are the design of a framework to be used to evaluate the different bidders in terms of clinical effectiveness of the clinical paths, of the interoperability and user friendliness, generate detailed standard reports of the evaluations in the areas relevant for the mobile service: PHR systems as the core element for patient interaction and heart failure management services and prepare an impact evaluation of the mobile services in global terms concerning success and failure issues.

WP5  Unwired Health Apps and sustainability of project’s platform
This work package will produce a blueprint on suitable requirements and specifications for interoperable, mobile access to PHR for chronic disease management of patients with heart failures.

WP6 Dissemination
This Work Package will create awareness of the project and its outcome, create interaction – via online and offline processes – with the relevant stakeholder group to get feedback on the interim and final outcome, promote awareness and experiences of the Pre-Commercial Procurement and ensure the involvement of a critical mass of innovative SMEs within the PCP tender process