The consortium consists of three procurers introducing the innovation into their territories, Catalonia, Scotland and Southern Denmark and three vendor independent non-profit associations gathering a significant broad range of organizations and enterprises:

TicSalut Foundation
The TicSalut Foundation is an agency within the Ministry of Health that works to promote the development and use of ICT and networking in the field of health, acts as an observatory for new trends, innovation and monitoring of emerging initiatives and provides services for the standardisation and accreditation of products.
The implementation of ICT in the health sector is now unstoppable and is seen as one of the most transformative elements in the health sector of the future. The fact that the health sector in Catalonia covers 100% of citizens within a framework of universal and public coverage, together with the involvement of a variety of agents, organisations, suppliers and subsidiary industries, puts the health sector in an excellent position to act as an economic innovator and energising influence in the use of new technologies

NHS 24 (Scotland)
NHS 24 is a Special Health Board providing and facilitating the development of national telehealth and telecare services across Scotland, and is directly accountable to Scottish Ministers.
NHS 24 is a Special Health Board providing and facilitating the development of national telehealth and telecare services across Scotland, and is directly accountable to Scottish Ministers.

From the beginning of the 2000s the Danish Health and Medicines Authority has been working with issues regarding chronic diseases. From 2010 we specifically have been working with an enhanced effort for patients with chronic diseases based on pool funds from the Ministry of Health of approximately 100,000,000 Euros. The work has to be finished in 2013.The Health department is working on recommendations on wider use of patient self-treatment (self-medication) regarding chronic diseases.
As stated in chapter 1.2 RSD already has a new successful app  that is considered a shortcut to emergency treatment and gives a quick overview of how busy each emergency department and emergency clinic is. Also RSD has the ambition of  replacing regular heart disease management with mobile services  to optimize care path ways for both patients and health professionals.
In 2012, RSD deployed its first integrated care internet portal for heart failure care, the SharedCare portal. The portal supports the Danish ‘disease management programmes’ and thereby also the cross sectorial collaboration (communication and sharing of data) around patients with chronic illnesses.

Continua Health Alliance    
Continua is a non-profit, open industry organization of healthcare and technology companies joining together in collaboration to improve the quality of personal healthcare.  With more than 200 member companies around the world, Continua is dedicated to establishing a system of interoperable personal connected health solutions with the knowledge that extending those solutions into the home fosters independence, empowers individuals and provides the opportunity for truly personalized health and wellness management.
Continua Health Alliance is a pioneer in establishing industry standards and security for connected health technologies such as smartphones, gateways and remote monitoring devices. Its activities include a certification and brand support program, events and collaborations to support technology and clinical innovation, and outreach to employers, payers, governments and care providers.

Integrating Healthcare Enterprise Europe
IHE Europe engages clinicians, health authorities, industry, and users to improve healthcare interoperability by helping national and European stakeholders and policy-makers in adopting, promoting and implementing IHE specifications and developing tools and services in support of interoperability testing.

GSM Conference Services Ltd.
The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide  and within the broader mobile ecosystem includes handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and Internet companies, as well as organisations in industry sectors such as financial services, healthcare, media, transport and utilities. The GSMA also produces industry-leading events such as Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Expo.

Agència d’Informació, Avaluació i Qualitat en Salut
The Agència d'Informació, Avaluació i Qualitat en Salut (AIAQS) is the Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Assessment, it is a public non-profit organization and makes part of the Catalan Health Service. AIAQS has the mission to generate relevant knowledge to contribute to the improvement of the quality, safety and sustainability of the healthcare system, with main goal of supporting the decision making process of citizens, healthcare professionals, managers and policy makers. In the project AIAQS plays different roles: it is the project coordinator, it leads the coordination of the PCP process taking the responsibility of launching one joint procurement in the name of the three procuring authorities and it leads the Evaluation of the procurement.